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Away from old Ireland, I still love to talk
Of the days of my youth, that I spent in Dundalk
All the sweet memories come back to me still
I can scarce hold the tears that my eyes want to fill
Just to stroll in the Square, on a bright sunny day
And to walk out to Faughart on a morning in May
How I wish I was there with my friends, just to talk
In the dear little town, the dear Town Of Dundalk

To the Wee House in Anne Street I often would track
And to Martin the barber for a shave and a chat
The Adelphi was jumpin', I remember such joys
Dancin' and singin' all the girls and the boys
I've family still there, that I'll never know
For I'm weary of travellin', if I could I would go
I've lived many places from Cork to New York
But I was never as happy as I was in Dundalk

Where are the friends from the days long ago
Like the waters of Fane on life's journey they go
I wonder of me, do they ever talk
As they live there in peace in the town of Dundalk
But alas I've grown old, and it's only a dream
To return to my childhood in Dealgan serene
My spirit I hope will pass over Blackrock
And my body God willin' will rest in Dundalk

Written by George Elliot and Michael Byron.
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