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Rose Coburn.

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Rose Coburn (b.27/2/1906, d.21/5/1974)
(Parents James Coburn and Catherine O'Hare) married
John Martin(1) (b.1/8/1905, d.31/3/1960) in St. Patrick's, Dundalk on the 14/4/1924.
John Martin(1) was a barber from Linenhall St., Dundalk. Rose's place residence at the time of marriage was Vincent Avenue, Dundalk and her occupation was noted as being a cashier. Her father's occupation was a commercial traveller and John's father was a labourer. Witnesses were Francis Joseph Keating and Mary Coburn.
They had nine children;-

Patrick Martin b.23/5/1925 d.5/8/1927
James Vincent Martin b.26/5/1926 d.28/6/1926
Catherine Martin b.25/6/1927
John Martin b.25/8/1929 d.25/8/1929
Joseph Martin See photo.
Rosemary Martin
Noel Bernard Martin b.29/12/1934 d.young)
Tony Martin
Therese Martin

Taken in 1943 - Rosemary, Joe, Terry, Kitty and Tony.
This photo when Kitty was 16. It was in the photographer's window and Kitty would go down everyday to see how good she looked along with her brothers and sisters, until one day someone remarked "Isn't she awful young to be having so many children". It was out of the shop window the next day.

Rose Coburn

John Martin(1)

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