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Margaret Coburn.

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Margaret Coburn (b. c.1841)
(Parents Cornelius Coburn and Catherine Murphy) married
Owen McGeough 18/2/1860.
Owen was previously married to Mary McKevitt and his daughter, Ann McGeough (b.12/6/1859) married Jim McNance (b.30/1/1858), 12/2/1884. (See Catherine McNance).
Margaret and Owen had eleven children;-

*James McGeough (born 22/11/1860, I think he must have died young),
Charles McGeough (born 25/10/1861),
Catherine McGeough (born 22/10/1862),
Michael McGeough (born 8/8/1864),
Mary McGeough (born 16/3/1866),
*James McGeough(2) (born 12/2/1868, see above),
Eliza McGeough (born 8/12/1869),
Neal McGeough (born 26/12/1871),
Bridget McGeough (born 1/9/1874),
Margaret McGeough (born 2/9/1876),
Rose McGeough(1) (born 1/3/1879),

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