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John Coburn (1).

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John Coburn(1) (born c.1833, died in Lurgankeel 4/1/1903)(Death reported by his daughter Rose Anne)

(Parents Cornelius Coburn and Catherine Murphy) married
Rose Lennon (born c.1832, died in Lurgankeel 31/12/1893)(Death reported by her husband), in a double wedding with his brother James on 31/12/1856. Witnesses were Edward Murphy and Alice McGeough.
Rose Lennon was an only child. It is said that through his marriage to Rose he acquired the shop/bar in Kilcurry around 1867/70 of which a present day photo is shown here. John from then was known as "Coburn the Grocer". He died in Lurgankeel aged 69 years, occupation was "small farmer" and his death was reported by his daughter Rose (Rose Anne) who was present at his death. They had eight children;-

Neal Coburn (born 25/10/1857) never married,
Catherine Coburn(1) (born 4/3/1859),
Rose Anne Coburn (born 28/6/1861),
James Coburn(1) (born 9/5/1863, died 2/10/1939),
Mary Coburn (born 13/5/1865) never married,
Bridget Coburn(1) (born 15/2/1867, died 15/8/1949),
Theresa (Tessy) Coburn reg'd 9/9/1870, bpt 31/8/1870??
Sponsors at bpt Neal Coburn and Catherine Coburn - never married
Sarah Jane Coburn (born 12/11/1872).

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