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George Coburn(A).

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The majority of Coburns in Ireland are in the north. (The first I know of in Ireland were in Acton, Co.Armagh - originally from Scotland). Belfast and Lisburn boast the most. In Down and Armagh there are a good few but in the Republic it is still fairly uncommon except around Dundalk.

The earliest Coburn that I know of, that is directly related to me, is George Coburn who was born 1750/60. I have no proof only that a great aunt told me and she died about ten years ago aged 90. All the following Coburns come the North Louth area especially around Kilcurry, Dungooley and Lurgankeel. In later years, many moved into the town of Dundalk.

George Coburn married Rose McGeough who was from, I think, Carrive, Co. Armagh. They had sons Cornelius in c.1798, Michael(5), George, John(7), James and daughters named Bridget(4), Elizabeth(3), Mary and Ann (b.1811). Ann died 11/8/1833 and is buried in Castletown graveyard, Dundalk.

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