Michael Byron's Family Tree.

Elizabeth Coburn(3).

List of


Elizabeth Coburn(3)
(Parents George Coburn(A) and Rose McGeough) married
Phillip Bellew.
They had ten children;-

Anne Bellew bpt.21/9/1830? Castletown
Sponsors - Owen Quinn, Catherine Smith
Elizabeth Bellew bpt.16/11/1832 Castletown
Sponsors - Andrew Donnelly, Mary Coburn(8)
Margaret Bellew bpt.19/6/1836 Castletown Lane
Sponsors - George Coburn(7), Ann Durnin
Patrick Bellew bpt.10/8/1838
Sponsors - Alice McKey, James Coburn(10)
Thomas Bellew bpt.8/5/1840 Castletown
Sponsors - John Bellew(2), Mary Lennon
Alice Bellew bpt.29/11/1841 Castletown Rd
Sponsors - Owen McGrath, Elizabeth Finegan
James Bellew bpt.11/2/1844 Castletown Rd
Sponsors - John Mooney, Mary Tole
Bridget Bellew bpt.1/2/1845 Castletown
Sponsors - Michael Lennon(2), Catherine Warnock
Mary Bellew bpt 17/4/1848 Castletown
Sponsors - James McCann, Ann Lennon(2)
John Bellew bpt.28/3/1851Castletown
Sponsors - Patrick Bellew(2), Ann Bellew

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