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Coburn the Boxer

Thanks must go to the following, who without their help, I would not have got this far.
My mother, Kitty, for her help when I started this, in 1984 and also for answering my never ending questions.
My uncle Joe Martin, Dublin St., Dundalk, for the endless running about he did for me on my trips to Ireland
The late Mona Martin nee McGuinness, for her wonderful memory.
The Whyte family from Dundalk, especially Maeve Whyte, who helped confirm much of what I had done and added a lot more.
Jean Zungola nee Trainor and Tracy Monge nee Trainor, for their help with the Trainor family who I thought were lost in America.
Information on Coburn The Boxer courtesy of the Cyberboxingzone.
Pat O'Gorman-Brett for her help with the Shiels side and her wonderful photographs..
Maura and Con Casey from Kilcurry.
Colleen McMahon nee Murphy and her father Jim Murphy for information on the Murphy Clan!
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