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Cornelius Coburn.

List of


*Cornelius (Neal) Coburn (born c.1798, died in Dungooly 22/1/1878)
(Death reported by his son Joseph)
(Parents George Coburn(A) and Rose McGeough) married
*Catherine "Kitty" Murphy (born c.1804, died 21/12/1874) c.1832.
They had ten children;-

John Coburn(1), (b. c.1833, d. 4/1/1903)
James Coburn,
George Coburn bn.1836
Hugh Coburn, (b. c.1838)(never married)
Michael Coburn,
Margaret Coburn,(b. c.1841)
Neil Coburn, (b. c.1842 [1911 census], d. 22/21924)
Thomas Coburn, (b. c.1847, d.1877)
Joseph Coburn, (b. c.1849, d. 10/4/1894)
Catherine Coburn(2) (bpt 12/5/1851).

*Cornelius and Catherine are buried in Castletown graveyard, Dundalk.

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