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Catherine O'Hare.

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Catherine O'Hare (b.2/6/1870 d.14/5/1930)
(Parents James O'Hare and Catherine Murphy(1)) married
James Coburn(1) (born 9/5/1863, died 2/10/1939) at St. Malachy's, Armagh on the 9/6/1902.
They had seven children;-

John Coburn(4) (born c.1903, died 27/11/1956),
Catherine Coburn(5) (born 23/1/1905, died ),
Rose Coburn (born 27/2/1906, died 21/5/1974)
Eileen Coburn (born 30/11/1907, died 7/4/1981)
Mary Coburn(7) (born 23/10/1909),
James Coburn(6) (born 14/11/1911, died 18/1/1962),
Bridget (Bee) Coburn(2) (born 13/12/1913, died 18/1/1984)

Catherine O'Hare was from Castle St., Armagh. James profession at the time of their marriage was given as a Comercial Traveller and his father's, a farmer. His place residence at the time of marriage was given as Ballymena, Co. Antrim, and witnesses were James Short and Rose O'Hare. Please note that some of the birth dates given are baptismal dates!

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