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Joe Coburn "The Boxer".


A report from the New York Times 7th March 1877.


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Information courtesy of the Cyberboxingzone.

BORN: Jul 29 1835; Middletown, County Armagh, Ireland
DIED : Dec. 6 1890; New York, NY
HEIGHT : 5-9 1/4 WEIGHT : 154-190 lbs
RACE : White; Irish-American
Coburn was an intelligent, crafty battler who was quick and agile; His footwork was good and he hit with two fast hands.

May 1 Ned Price Spy Pond (near Boston), Ma (3:20:00) D 160 -Middleweight Championship of America; Bare Knuckles were used for this bout

Jim Hughes SCH -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known

Oct Patsy Flynn New York, NY W
Nov 11 Harry Gribben -This bout scheduled but postponed; Coburn injured a leg during training
Nov 19 Harry Gribben Bertie County, Can (30:00) W 21

"Professor" William Clark (1:00:00) W -Blackened gloves were used for this bout; The most clean hits won; Coburn won by one clean hit

-Coburn challenged John Heenan to a fight for the Heavyweight Championship of America; Heenan refused -Coburn claimed the Heavyweight Championship of America

May 5 Mike McCoole Charlesworth, Md (1:10:00) W 67 -Heavyweight Championship of America For one thousand dollars each and a side bet of seven hundred dollars. Three thousand attended.
At the time I think that the weekly average wage for labourer was about $15 a week.

Dec -Coburn challenged Tom King, the English Champion; King said he was retiring from pugilism and declined

Dec -Coburn challenged Jem Mace, the former English Champion; Mace declined by saying he would not fight in America; Coburn went to Ireland to set up a match

Oct 4 Jem Mace Pierstown, Ire -This bout was scheduled but cancelled; Coburn and Mace could not agree on a referee

Oct 10 -Mike McCoole challenged Coburn to a fight

Oct 14 Jem Mace in Ireland -This bout was temporarily arranged but fell through

-Coburn was challenged by Jimmy Elliott to a fight for the Heavyweight Championship of America; Coburn refused and retired (only to return later); Elliott claimed the title

Oct 26 Matthew "Rocky" Moore New York, NY EX

May 27Mike McCoole Cold Spring Station, In -This bout was scheduled but not held; Police intervened and prevented the fight; Coburn and his trainer, Jim Cusick, were arrested; Some sources report 9/19/68 Coburn and McCoole spent forty days behind bars.

May 11 Jem Mace Port Ryeson, Can (1:17:00) D 1 -Heavyweight Championship of the World; Heavyweight Championship of America; Neither man struck a blow; Police intervened. Four thousand dollar stake.

Jun 2 Jem Mace Kansas City, Mo -Coburn did not show up for this match

Nov 30 Jem Mace Bay St. Louis, La (3:48:00) D 12 -Heavyweight Championship of the World; Heavyweight Championship of America; Mace injured a hand in the fifth round; Weights: 163 1/2 - 165 1/2

Mar 6 -Coburn was sentenced to ten years in prison for felonious assault with intent to kill policeman William Tobias in New York, NY

Dec 7 -Coburn released from prison

Dec 28 John L. Sullivan New York, NY EX 3
Sullivan was the most famous sporting figure of the 19th century.

Jan 29 John L. Sullivan Troy, NY EX 3

Mar 19 John L. Sullivan Boston, Ma EX 3
He fought Sullivan three times in quick succession after his release from prison which would indicate that he was probably broke.

Herbert Slade Troy, NY EX

Herbert Slade New York, NY EX

-The previous 2 bouts were held between Jan-Apr 1883

Jun Charlie Mitchell Syracuse, NY EX 3

Dec "Professor" William Clark New York, NY EX

Sep 9 Dominick McCaffrey New York, NY -This bout was scheduled but not held; Coburn did not show




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