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Joe Coburn "The Boxer".


A report from the New York Times 7th March 1877.


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Joseph Henry Coburn was born 29th. July 1835, in Middletown, County Armagh, Ireland.
He had two brothers, James born c.1833 and Michael born c.1842, and one sister Mary Anne who was baptised in Middletown, 16th. November 1839. His parent are given as Michael and Mary Coburn (nee Trainor), born c.1814 and their place of birth was given for both as Ireland. The family emigrated to the United States without their father Michael in 1850.( I had heard that Joe was born In Carrickedmond, Co. Louth. Perhaps he was and then moved when he was young.)

Jean Zungola had a look at the 1850 census returns for New York City and found the family there minus Michael senior. (Perhaps he had died in Ireland or on the journey to America.) Jean also found that in the 1870 census returns for NYC, James had a wife called Charlotte, born c.1838 in NYC, at 300 East 59th. Street. She found no record for Joe.

May 4th 1871 Joe's wife Johanna died in New York City "while in a fit" age 42. Joe was in Buffalo at the time. Died at 300 East 40th st. @ 2pm.

21st. of November 1874 Joe buried his daughter Mary, aged 18 days, at Calvery Cemetery, NY. Daughter Mary's Birth Certificate has her born 6 Nov. 1874 at 248 West 26th St. NYC. Her mother is listed as Mary Francis Fanning Coburn, born NY age 25 yrs, same address. The father is listed as Joseph Coburn, occupation: Hotel Proprietor, born Ireland, age 39 yrs. (Thanks Jean.)

On the 7th March 1877, Joseph was living at 100 West 22nd. Street, NYC. He was sentenced, on that day, to ten years hard labour for being found guilty of felonious assault. He was released on the 7th. December 1882.

Joseph Henry Coburn died of pneumonia Dec. 6th. 1890 at 242 West 35 St. Manhattan, New York and was buried in Calvary Cemetery New York Dec. 9th. along with his daughter Mary. He had been in the U. S. for 40 years, arriving in 1850 and the age given on his death certificate was 55 years, 4 months and 16 days.

(Did he leave anyone behind? Census returns for 1890?)




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