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If you look at the type of songs that I sing, you will note that they're 90% Irish. I'm a one man band, playing an amplified acoustic guitar along with backing (Midi files) that I have created myself. That's what I do. I have played at all sorts of venues (Pubs, Irish Pubs, Irish Theme Bars, Irish Clubs, Social Clubs, Catholic Clubs, Workingmen's Clubs, Golf Clubs, Hotels and even Leisure Complexes), for all sorts of occasions (Baptisms, Christenings, Weddings, Wakes, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Dances, Irish theme nights and Bar room brawls) from Carlisle to Coventry.

If you would like to book me, please email me with the following details.
Your name and the Address of Venue.
How long the performance would be. (2 x 45mins or so)
Start and finish time.
Your phone number.
Fee will be negotiable. (If over a grand, hurry)
Alternatively email me for my phone number.

Email me with your suggestion for this site or for information!