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Bridget (Bee) Coburn(2).

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Bridget (Bee) Coburn(2) (born 13/12/1913, died 18/1/1984),
(Parents James Coburn and Catherine O'Hare) married
Vincent Mulligan (died 5/4/1964).
They had fourteen children;-

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Betty Mulligan
Kitty Mulligan
Patsy Mulligan
Joan Mulligan
Rosemary Mulligan
Jim Mulligan
Paddy Mulligan
Vincent Mulligan(2)
Noreen Mulligan
Brendan Mulligan
Peter Mulligan
Rita Mulligan
Kevin Mulligan
Eileen Mulligan

Please note that some of the birth dates given are baptismal dates!

Bridget (Bee) Coburn(2)

Vincent Mulligan

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