John Lennon's Family Tree.

John Winston Lennon's parents were Alfred Lennon and Julia Stanley. His grandparents were John(Jack) Lennon, Mary "Polly" Maguire, George Ernest Stanley and Annie Millward and it's around these four grandparents that this tree is based. This page will cover The Lennons and other pages will cover the Stanleys, Maguires and Millwards.


According to the 1861 census, the 1871 census, his first marriage, the 1901 census, his second marriage and his death certificate, John (Jack) Lennon, John Winston Lennon's grandfather was born in 1855. Also the 1861, 1871 and 1901 censuses note that he was born in Liverpool.
He doesn't seem to be registered in 1855 which in those days wouldn't have been that odd; though registration for Births, Marriages and Deaths was started in 1837 it wasn't compulsory for births to registered until 1875.

John Winston Lennon's great grandfather, James Lennon, son of Patrick Lennon, was born in County Down, Ireland in 1829. His father was a farmer.
In 1849, James Lennon married Jane McConville (b.1831 Ireland) in St. Anthony's Chapel, Scotland Road, Liverpool on the 29th April. Addresses given were Vauxhall Road and Saltney Street. Respective fathers were Patrick Lennon, a farmer and James McConville, an engineer. Witnesses were Thomas Hagan and Ellen O'Neill. (GRO/NA = General Records Office/National Archives.)

It doesn't seem likely that Patrick Lennon, James' father, ever moved over to Liverpool. It was found in a later census that the family was from County Down.

James McConville had moved to Liverpool with his wife Bridget and children Jane, John and Richard in between 1840 and 1849. Again, it was found in a later census that they also were from County Down.


In 1851, James Lennon and his wife Jane were living in Saltney Street, Princes Place, Liverpool with daughter Elizabeth who had been born in 1850.

Also on the same street were Jane's parents, James McConville (b.1810 Ireland) and Bridget McConville (b.1811 Ireland) and Jane's brothers John McConville (b.1834 Ireland) and Richard McConville (b.1840 Ireland). (GRO/NA)

James McConville apparently died between 1851-61.


In 1861 James Lennon and Jane were living at 3, Paget Street, Liverpool along with Jane's widowed mother Bridget McConville(54). James(30) was a warehouseman/cooper. At that time they had five children; Elizabeth(10), James(#2)(8), John[Jack](6), William George(3) and Richard Francis(17days). (1861 - Lonnon). (GRO/NA)

John[Jack] of course was John Winston Lennon's grandfather.


Two more children were born to the family. In 1865 Joseph Lennon was born and in 1867 Edward Lennon. Their mother Jane Lennon nee McConville died in 1869 aged 36.


By 1871 James Lennon, sons James(#2), John[Jack], Richard, Joseph, Edward and mother-in-law Bridget McConville were living at 31 Eldon Place, Liverpool. William George was a scholar at St Edward's College, Everton.
According to the 1871 census, James Lennon and Bridget McConville were born in County Down, Ireland. (GRO)

James(#2) married Ellen Jane Ford in 1875.(GRO/NA)

Elizabeth seems to have flown the nest; I can't trace her though there is an Elizabeth Lennon who died in 1866 aged 15 who fits.


In 1881 James Lemon(sic)(48)(Warehouse Porter), sons Richard(20)(Warehouse Porter), and Edward(14) were lodging at 2 Pownall Square Provision Shop, Liverpool with the Jones family. Joseph(15) (I think) was living at 121 St. Anne Street Model Lodging House, which sounds like a home to me. He was working as a Saddlers Shop Boy.

Bridget McConville was living with her grandson James(#2). (GRO/NA)

Can't find John[Jack] or his brother William on the 1881 English census. William was probably studying to be a priest; maybe in Ireland. I can't find John[Jack] on the 1880 U.S. census either.


19/8/1888 John (Jack) Lennon(33), a bachelor, married Margaret Cowley(22) at the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception, Everton. His occupation is given as a bookkeeper. Addresses given were 3 Stansfield Street, Everton and 4 Hamilton Road, Everton. Their parents are given as James Lennon, Car Owner and John Cowley, Engineer. Witnesses were given as Richard F. Lennon(brother) and Agnes Doran. (GRO/NA)

1/12/1888 Mary Elizabeth Lennon born at 28 Minerva Street, Everton. Parents are John (Jack) Lennon, a Miller's Bookkeeper and Margaret Lennon nee Cowley.
In 1891 they were living at 63, Allen Street, Warrington lodging with the Holloway family. The entry says.... John Lemon(33), a Railway Clerk, born Dublin, his wife Margaret(26) born Liverpool and their daughter Mary Elizabeth(2) born Liverpool.
As for it stating that he was 33 and born in Dublin, I would take this with a pinch of salt. John(Jack) gave his correct age on his marriage certs and on a later census so I don't think he was ever coy about it. I think the census information given was probably done so by the head of the household, Mr Holloway who may have guessed. The misspelling of the surname is another indication.

8/5/1891 Twins John and Ann were born and on 19/8/1892 daughter Margaret was born in Walton Workhouse.
Mother Margaret Lennon nee Cowley, wife of John Lennon, Clerk of Everton, died on the same day aged 28 at Walton Workhouse. (GRO/NA)
The Workhouse was probably the nearest place to get medical attention - I wouldn't have thought that she was an inmate.

Baby Ann died December Q 1892
Baby John died June Q 1894
Baby Margaret died September Q 1893

Edward Lennon married Ann Jane Rigby in 1889.

Also in 1889, Richard Francis Lennon married Mary Ellen Burns. The priest officiating was Richard's brother William.

=== 1890 ===

In 1891 James Lennon(60) was living at 373, Walton Brick Road, Walton On The Hill. He was then a manager for a Car Company and again it says he was born in County Down. In the same house was son Edward and his family. (GRO/NA)

William Lennon, the priest was in 1891, aged 32, living in Harlech Road, Great Crosby. St Nicholas's Church was around the corner on Bridge Road. He was still there, Great Crosby, in 1901 but had moved on to St Joseph's, Serpentine South, Blundellsands. Gore's Directory has him still there in 1905 but not in 1909. I think William died in 1921 in Birkenhead, perhaps he had been living with his brother Richard who had moved to Liscard.

Around 1894 John (Jack) Lennon and Mary (Polly) Maguire started living as man and wife. They had 15 children; 8 died young.

I think James Lennon died in 1898 aged 68.


Below this point, it will just be concerned with John (Jack's) family.

In the 1901 Census at 3 Lockhart Street, Toxteth Park, John (Jack) Lennon (46) Shipping Clerk born Liverpool, is living with Mary (Polly) Lennon (28) wife born Liverpool and his daughter Mary Elizabeth Lennon (12) born Liverpool.(GRO/NA)
Mary Elizabeth Lennon is thought to have married and emigrated to Australia or New Zealand.
(Jack and Polly living as man and wife though they weren't yet married)

14/8/1905 George Lennon born at 25 Denton Street, Toxteth Park.
Mother was Mary Lennon formerly McGuire. John (Jack's) occupation was given as Freight Clerk. (GRO/NA)
George died 1956 aged 50 Liverpool S. (GRO/NA)

Herbert Lennon born 18 April 1908 died 1968 aged 60 at his sister Edith's house in Conway. (GRO/NA)

26/6/1909 Sydney Lennon born at 27 Copperfield Street, Toxteth Park.
Mother was Mary Lennon formerly Maguire.
Father John (Jack's) occupation was given as Freight Clerk. (GRO/NA) Sydney (Syd) and his wife emigrated to London, Ontario, Canada during the middle sixties; their daughter Joyce had already made her home there and married; they went when their son married and decided to emigrate too.

In 1911 they had a son Harold was born but died the same year.

14/12/1912 Alfred Lennon born at 27 Copperfield Street, Toxteth Park.
Mother was Mary Lennon formerly Maguire.
Father John (Jack's) occupation was given as Freight Clerk. (GRO/NA)
This is John Winston Lennon's father.

27/1/1915 John (Jack) Lennon(59) eventually married Mary (Polly) Maguire(42) at West Derby Register Office, Liverpool.
He was a widower and their address was given as 27 Elmore Street, Everton. He was by then a "Dock Labourer" and their respective fathers were James Lennon (deceased), a Car Proprietor and James Maguire, a retired Horse Keeper.
Witnesses were William Seddon and Catherine Seddon. (GRO/NA)

Catherine Seddon was Polly's sister; she married William Seddon, a widower, in 1904. They had Alice in 1914 and Emily in 1915 - there were probably more.

Edith Lennon born 21/3/1915 Toxteth Park, Liverpool - died 1980 Aberconwy.
Married Kenneth Jones in 1939. (GRO/NA)

Charles Lennon was born 25/11/1918.
Died 2002.(GRO/NA)

By coincidence there was a John Lennon born at Liverpool Maternity Hospital on the 5/11/1920.
His father was John Lennon and his mother was a Mary Ann Lennon formerly Maguire. This one confused me for a bit - they were a couple that had married in Kent and then moved to Liverpool.

3/8/1921 John(Jack) died aged 66 at 57 Copperfield Street, Toxteth Park, and his occupation was Freight Clerk.
Mary (Polly) was present at death. (GRO/NA)

John(Jack) Lennon is buried in Allerton Cemetery, Liverpool. It is a common grave, unmarked and it contains five adults and three children.


Alfred married Julia Elizabeth Stanley on the 3rd of December 1938. John Winston Lennon was born on the 9th of October 1940.

The rest is history and common knowledge!
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Ps. O'Leannáin, O'Lionnáin, O'Lonáin and O'Luinín have all been anglicized to Lennon. There is absolutely no proof that any of these names were the Gaelic name for this family of Lennons. BTW In this research it has been Lennon, Lennan, Lemon, Lonnon and other versions I have forgotton.

You will notice that there is no mention Jack being born in Dublin or Fermanagh or of his parents being John Lennon (the ship's cook) and Elizabeth Morris; that is because they are myths. The John Lennon and Elizabeth Morris thing started because one author found that Jack had died in 1921 aged 66 and worked out that he must've been born in 1855 - that's fine. What they did was get the first "John Lennon" birth certificate in 1855 that could be found, the son of John Lennon and Elizabeth Morris, and they thought they were on the right track. They were wrong but now most authors and website makers have made the same mistake. (Not done the research!)

Also no one has ever presented any proof that he ever spent any time at all in America singing with "Andrew Robertson's Kentucky Minstrels". Again there is no proof that he made any money at all from singing. He was a freight clerk according to census returns, marriage certificates and his children's birth certificates. The only thing I can find about Kentucky Minstrels is the BBC Radio's Kentucky Minstrels who ran from 1933 to 1950. They were the forerunners of televisions Black and White Minstrels.

Jack didn't marry an American girl and bring her back to Liverpool.

Also Freddy Lennon did not become an orphan when his father died because of the fact that his mother was still alive. She didn't die until January 30, 1949.

Jack's brother William was ordained as a priest and the only ministry I can find him in was Crosby.

That's all for now.

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