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Hi! If you've stumbled by this site.....welcome!

Also for those of you concerned with genealogy, there will pages of information of my family tree. Hopefully, if you're looking for connections, you might be lucky and find relevant information.

1. Star of The County Down (Trad/Arr Byron)
2. Galway Bay (Francis Fahy)
3. The Bard Of Armagh (Trad/Arr Byron)
4. The Town Of Dundalk (Elliot/Byron)
5. (Las Vegas in) The Hills Of Donegal (Pat Gallagher)
6. Put More Turf On The Fire (Seamus Kavanagh)
7. The Rocks Of Bawn (Trad/Arr Byron)
8. Catch Me If You Can (McDill)
9. My Old Sligo Home (M. Maloney)
10. Follow Me Up To Carlow (Patrick Joseph McCall)
11. Back Home In Derry (Sands/Lightfoot)
12. The Streets Of New York (Liam Reilly)
13. Grace (Sean O'Meara/Frank O'Meara)

More info about the tracks.

This updated: 2003.
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